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Save time and money by investing in e-learning for your business. Online training provides flexibility for both you and your employees. Employees can take a course at their convenience, and are not bound by travel costs and restrictions. Furthermore, there is no class size limitations and progress is trackable (with the use of a learning management system, or LMS). Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

We can also create instructional videos, manuals, presentations, job aids, and instructor-led training kits—everything you need to get your employees trained and ready to meet your business goals.

Our training design and development process is based on the tried and true ADDIE model:

We will sit down with your business to examine business goals and help identify the knowledge gaps that are preventing those goals from transpiring. Learning objectives are then developed to bridge that gap.

An audience analysis is also conducted to help determine what type of learning experience will be the most beneficial. The final product could range from an instructional video, job aid, e-Learning course, or instructor-led training package (or combination of products).

The project timeline and budget will also be scoped at this time.